Makes Mud

Nicholas Gledhill and Chris Dale would like to invite you to a performance of new songs, "Makes Mud", on the 10th June.

Now also extended to a 2nd night, the 17th of June.

A celebration of local talent, and new song writing.

After the success of their cabaret show, "Odd Spaces", in February, Nicholas and Chris have teamed up again, to create a new show - this time, a small collection of new songs, called "Makes Mud".

So, is this a continuation of the story of Odd Spaces?

No. I'm afraid, those of you waiting to find out what happened to Tom, after his unplanned ejection from the Earth, will have to wait a little longer...

Where: @Newtown RSL, Enmore Road.
When: 10th June. After 8:00pm.

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So, why the uncertain start time?

The evening itself is an evening of new compositions, by a range of performers from the local area. It's hard to say precisely when, during the night, "Makes Mud" will be on. But it will be some time after 8:00pm - and is unlikely to be too much later than that.

We are also preparing the songs for a singer/songwriter competition, in the following weeks. Come back, soon, for updates on how that goes.

Nicholas and Chris would also like to use the opportunity to get some feedback on the songs, before entering the upcoming competition.

If you would like to indicate your intention to attend, please visit the Event page.

Or you could become a "fan", or review some the videos from the previous show.

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Unofficial Recordings

OK - so I got new recording toy recently - called an MBox. And it inspired a few new recordings.

I've also been working with a friend of mine, Chris, on a cabaret show we called "Odd Spaces". For those on facebook, you can see some videos of the original performance of "Odd Spaces" here.

Chris and I have also been working on a second chapter for "Odd Spaces". One of the outcomes of that has been some new songs.

Now, I haven't written music for a long time - but I'm quite happy with some of the songs that have been coming out recently.

On this page, I'm posting some of the recordings that have come out of my work with Chris, and for "Odd Spaces". All of them have problems... none of them are for "official" release - which is why they're on this page... but it's nice to have somewhere to put them - as an interesting record of our work and the process we've been through.

No Need

This one is interesting - it's the first song I've written in years... too many to bear counting really... The vocal quality is a little weird because I was recording in the kitchen and trying not make too much noise :-)

I quite liked the way the song turned out, in the end though - and Chris and I are working on a version to perform soon - so I'll post that here if we get a recording of it:

Drag Me Under

This version doesn't have any words for the verses - the lyrics have now been locked down - but when Chris and I were working on it, I hadn't finished writing them, so I just "na na"'d it.

But it worked quite well as a first pass for orchestrating it with just 2 guitars... and I quite like it as a record of our work:

The River

Now there's 2 versions of this to post here.

The first is the example recorded for Chris to listen to. It was recorded in Garage Band and the way I hooked up the MBox means it's a got a really weird split between the left and the right sides - with all the vocals in the left audio... but it's a nice record of one of the original versions of the idea (mistakes, throat cold and all):

The second version is from the next night, when Chris and I got together to work on it. It's terribly distorted - but I really like Chris's work on the guitar, and some of the ideas he was playing around with for backing vocals:

[this version currently unavailable]

Now onto the covers...

Rickety Tickety Tin

Considering there's no video of our performance of this, from the night of "Odd Spaces", I'm glad we've still got this rehearsal recording...

It may not be quite as good as it ended up being in the show. But it's still a fun song - from the ever-entertaining Tom Lehrer.

And the songs that were captured that night...

To see the "boot-leg" videos of the night @Newtown RSL see the Odd Spaces video page.

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Sydney Fringe Application Successful

Our application to produce "Closing Time" as part of the Sydney Fringe was successful - more details on the SpaceCraft Productions web site.

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