More White Party Photos

Here are some more links to the infamous White Party photos:

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All Grown Up

Nicholas was interviewed recently for a piece in Sunday Life (the Sydney Morning Herald) about Kate Ritchie and the experience of being a "child star".

Here is the article.

It also mentions the upcoming filming of Dead Down Under - and Christine Sams has agreed to come and do a feature piece on the filming of the movie.

It has also become clear that we're going to be working with Rotten Tomatoes on a "viral" campaign for the movie... perhaps I should stop putting up news releases about it. :-)

For more details of the Dead Down Under project, see here.

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Guardian Angel by Nicolette Serfozo

Nicholas was offered a role today, in a student film - "Guardian Angel" by Nicolette Serfozo... a small role, James is the downtrodden husband of Bella who appears briefly in the movie, in the cafe scene.

Nicolette Serfozo is in her last year as a student at The International Film School Sydney. "Guardian Angel" is her final project.

"Guardian Angel" is a story is about the blind widow Patrick who struggles to accept his blindness because of how society views him therefore he decides to get a tattoo in an attempt to integrate. He sees the world through the kooky descriptions of his mature 9 year old daughter Angelica with a fertile imagination who only describes the world she wants him to see.

Through her guiding hands Patrick undertakes a journey of coming to terms with his identity as a blind man and lets go of the past fear, loss and mourning caused by the death of his wife in the car accident which also blinded him.

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New Film Role - Dead Down Under

Nicholas has been offered a role in the new independent feature, "Dead Down Under" - playing Carlisle.

Carlisle is an AV technology expert. He is part of the documentary crew that goes to Australia, some years after it has been quarantined, as a result of the release of the Z-Virus, in the Asia Pacific region. The documentary crew have been told there are signs of survivors in, the otherwise baron, Australia.

They leave for Australia expecting anything... but what they find there - no one could have predicted.

Filming starts in January. Further details will be released as they come to light.

From the blurb

Dead Down Under is an independent Australian film currently in pre-production. A modern horror/comedy inspired by George Romero , Peter Jackson and Australian films such as The Castle. The film is based on a short film by Scott Sowter of the same name and aims to bring an Australian suburban flavour to the horror/comedy canon.

Cast & Crew

Producer/Director: Jason Carthew

Writers: Jason Carthew, Scott Sowter, Devid Leys

Cast: Amelia Foxton, Charlie Hopkins, Nicholas Gledhill, Catherine Lockley, Bianca Jade Mauceri, Alistair Milne, Brigid O'Sullivan, Rob Queree, David Sutton, Scott Snoppy, Kiara Thomas

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Bronwen Gault
Bronwen Gault Management (web site)

61 Marlborough St
Surry Hills, NSW
2010, Australia

ph: (+61 2) 8399 3050
fx: (+61 2) 8399 1390
mb: 0403 259 950

View Larger Map

Other Contact Options

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Downloads and Samples

Nicholas Gledhill has performed in many Radio and V/O productions. Here are a few samples.

New samples will be added soon - including some more recent work and work that he did as a child. Video clips will soon be added to this page so please keep an eye out for updates.

Lucky Lotteries Advertisement
Panasonic Olympics Commercial
Solo Gig - at The Townie, Newtown
"Unofficial" videos of Odd Spaces

Speaking of Angela

An excerpt from the UTS/2SER student radio play I performed in. Written and directed by Rachel Holt.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

An excerpt for a radio play adaptation of the play by the same name, performed as practice for out entry to the BBC radio competition for drama students at accredited Drama schools in the UK.


An excerpt from a radio play we recorded as part of a pilot for a series of Australian plays, performed for radio.

Accrington Pals

An excerpt from a radio play I was in (from the stage play of the same name), in England, shortly after finishing drama school.

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Careful He Might Here You
Purchase the DVD:
Planet Video, ezydvd, Amazon

SMH, IMDb, MSN Movies,, NY Times

Purchase the DVD:
DVD Orchard (or Kennedy Miller Box Set), Gameplanet Store, Homesick

334 Not Out, Amazon, IMDb, Memorable TV

Rotten Tomatoes, NY Times, MEAA

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ESL Training
Role: Various
Company: J.N.P. Films P/L

The Man Who Sued God
Role: Various
Company: Huzzah Productions

Speaking of Angela
Role: David
Company: ABC Television

Black Beauty
Role: Yong Boy
Company: Kennedy Miller

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Film / TV

Dead to the World
J.N.P. Films P/L

The Way to Ward Five
Role: Julian Ross
Company: Huzzah Productions

G.P. (Ep. “Family Life”)
Role: Jack
Company: ABC Television

Dirtwater Dynasty
Role: Richard Eastwick
Company: Kennedy Miller

Blinky Bill
Role: Ranger Ken
Company: ABC Television

A Country Practice
Role: Little Joe
Company: J.N.P. Films P/L

Role: Young Jardine
Company: Kennedy Miller

Careful He Might Hear You
Role: P.S.
Company: Syme Entertainment

Numerous V/O’s and Television Commercials

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Women, Power and Culture Role: Mr Rossi Company: New Theatre Midsummer Nights' Dream Role: Demetrius Company: Acting Factory Closing Time Role: Watch Company: SpaceCraft Light Bites and Tasty Treats Role: Various Company: Straylight Productions Fallen Angels Role: Fred Company: Factory Space Theatre Company Hamlet Role: Rosencrantz Company: Shakespeare Globe Centre Australia The Tempest Role: Sebastian Company: Shakespeare Globe Centre Australia Real Estate Role: Simon Company: Company of Players King Lear Role: Edgar Company: Shakespeare Globe Centre Australia Moving In Role: Simon Company: Company of Players PAN Role: John Darling Company: MEAG & Henson’s Creature Shop The Venetian Twins Role: Arleccino Company: Epicentre Midsummer Night’s Dream Role: Starvling Company: New Theatre Having It All Role: Mark Company: ANT Theatre Co. Time To Remember... Role: Writer Company: S.T.C. (Prize Winner ICI/STC Young Writers Competition)

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37 years old
Newtown, 2042
Status: Married
Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: 72kg
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Playing Range: Early Thirties to Early Forties
Training: Birmingham School of Speech and Drama
(now the Birmingham School of Acting)

Other Details
Full Australian and British Equity Membership.

  • Vocal Range: Bass/Baritone
  • St.& Andrew's Cathedral Choir
  • Piano (A.M.E.B. Grade 7)
  • Guitar (Rock, Classical, Folk)


  • Australian (Native)
  • Yorkshire
  • Standard American
  • Standard English

Basic Self Defence, Stage Fighting BASC Certificate (Advanced), Basic Dance (Tap, Jazz, Ballet), Computer Skills, Full Clean Driving Licence, Stage Management / Technical Experience, Horse Riding, Trained Cocktail Waiter, Theatre In Education Experience, Writing / Self-Devising Experience.

More Details:
Official Facebook Page

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