New Film Role - Dead Down Under

Nicholas has been offered a role in the new independent feature, "Dead Down Under" - playing Carlisle.

Carlisle is an AV technology expert. He is part of the documentary crew that goes to Australia, some years after it has been quarantined, as a result of the release of the Z-Virus, in the Asia Pacific region. The documentary crew have been told there are signs of survivors in, the otherwise baron, Australia.

They leave for Australia expecting anything... but what they find there - no one could have predicted.

Filming starts in January. Further details will be released as they come to light.

From the blurb

Dead Down Under is an independent Australian film currently in pre-production. A modern horror/comedy inspired by George Romero , Peter Jackson and Australian films such as The Castle. The film is based on a short film by Scott Sowter of the same name and aims to bring an Australian suburban flavour to the horror/comedy canon.

Cast & Crew

Producer/Director: Jason Carthew

Writers: Jason Carthew, Scott Sowter, Devid Leys

Cast: Amelia Foxton, Charlie Hopkins, Nicholas Gledhill, Catherine Lockley, Bianca Jade Mauceri, Alistair Milne, Brigid O'Sullivan, Rob Queree, David Sutton, Scott Snoppy, Kiara Thomas

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