Guardian Angel by Nicolette Serfozo

Nicholas was offered a role today, in a student film - "Guardian Angel" by Nicolette Serfozo... a small role, James is the downtrodden husband of Bella who appears briefly in the movie, in the cafe scene.

Nicolette Serfozo is in her last year as a student at The International Film School Sydney. "Guardian Angel" is her final project.

"Guardian Angel" is a story is about the blind widow Patrick who struggles to accept his blindness because of how society views him therefore he decides to get a tattoo in an attempt to integrate. He sees the world through the kooky descriptions of his mature 9 year old daughter Angelica with a fertile imagination who only describes the world she wants him to see.

Through her guiding hands Patrick undertakes a journey of coming to terms with his identity as a blind man and lets go of the past fear, loss and mourning caused by the death of his wife in the car accident which also blinded him.

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