"Fan" page and Video for Odd Spaces

While preparations for the second performance of Odd Spaces are underway (details of first performance, here) - some work on a second chapter to the story have also begun...

To bring both our old and our potential audience together, and keep them up-to-date, we started a Facebook fan page.

*** Become a fan of Odd Spaces today ***.

It turns out there was some boot-leg video taken of the show in February - so here it is...

As Tom gets taken down to the Strawberry Fields insane asylum, the police found it *hilarious* to sing this little ditty to him:

... again, here's another one of the unofficial videos from the original performance of Odd Spaces - at this point, Tom has made the obvious mistake of asking one of his fellow inmates "Who's that over there? Why do they call him Mr. Raccoon":

... more videos from the original performance of Odd Spaces - Tom's final escape plan, to get away from Strawberry Fields, goes horribly wrong, as he finds himself, accidentally, reaching escape velocity:

... this is my favourite, I think, of the videos from the first night of Odd Spaces... you may have heard this song before - but not this way:

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